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UnTamed Naturals

UnTamed Naturals - Shower Melts

UnTamed Naturals - Shower Melts

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✔️ Vegan ✔️ Cruelty Free ✔️ Eco Friendly Do you need some added TLC in your shower? Convert that basic shower into a spa experience with our Shower Melts. You can now reap the benefits of aromatherapy all while standing in your own bathroom. Our shower melts are made with pure peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils then topped off with menthol crystals for some extra sinus loving action. They're the perfect addition to your next steamy shower. Directions Place 3-4 pieces of shower melts on the floor of your shower away from running water. If you are sensitive to scents, start with 1-2 pieces. DO NOT USE ON CHILDREN UNDER 7. Shower melts placed directly under water will dissolve much faster. PLEASE NOTE THE MELTS ARE FRAGILE CUBES AND MAY BREAKDOWN DURING TRANSIT. The smaller pieces and even powder are 100% ok to use. There is not change in efficacy and refunds will not be given for this matter alone. THANK YOU! UnTamed Naturals does not make any medical claims.


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